Where to see Kiwis in Auckland, New Zealand

As the nations national icon, visitors to New Zealand often (unsurprisingly) think that seeing a Kiwi will be a piece of cake! Unfortunately, due to the flightless bird’s endangered status, as well as their nocturnal nature, seeing a Kiwi is a rare event. The Kiwi’s natural habitat is secluded, forest areas, foraging the forest floor and nesting in burrows or under dense vegetation.

Seeing a Kiwi in the wild is a rare, magical experience, an experience traditionally quite difficult to achieve. However, as conservation projects around Auckland have grown over the years, there are now several options for where to see a Kiwi in Auckland.

About The Kiwiness Kiwi Walk

The Kiwi Walk Tour by Kiwiness Tours offers the unique experience of seeing a Kiwi in the wild in a picturesque setting where the Kiwi is protected and thrives. Only an hour north of central Auckland, Tawharanui Open Sanctuary is home to the Northern Brown Kiwi as well as other New Zealand natives such as the Morepork, Kereru and more!

The Kiwi Walk by Kiwiness Tours strives to be the best Kiwi watching experience in Auckland. The walk takes place at Tawharanui Regional Park which is a diverse area of coastal forest, wetlands, dunes, grasslands and streams. The park was set up to be a predator-free “mainland island”, achieved through a 2.5km coast-to-cost
predator-proof fence which keeps out pests that target native birdlife. From a founding population of 40 introduced Kiwi, a healthy Kiwi population continues to thrive and expand today.

The Kiwi Walk is led by Kiwiness Tours founder, Ness Wards. Ness is not only an experienced tour guide; she also grew up in Tawharanui – so you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-suited guide for the Tawharanui Kiwi Walk. Lasting 3 hours the walk covers roughly 1 – 2 km in distance over well-maintained trails as you are immersed in the sights and sounds of native New Zealand Wildlife. For a truly unforgettable experience book your Auckland Kiwi watching tour today.

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